A Daughter’s Mother’s Day

Saturday night, sitting by a warm Bonfire in our back yard and I am reflecting on my past. This is Mother’s Day weekend, and also my Mother’s 85th Birthday!

Like many Mothers and Daughters we had our up’s and down’s, it is just crazy to me how life happend all too fast. My Dad always said ” The older you get the faster time flies!” And it is completely true!

So let me take you back abit…My Mom, she wasn’t June Cleaver, but close enough. Stay at home Mom, Girl Scout Leader, Class room Mom, ect…I consider myself very lucky to have had such an amazing parental team!

Mom was very open minded about many things, not all, but always honest to a fault. She was THAT Mom who would wake you up on a School day and say, Ok time to wake up…we are going to the Beach today….SURPRISE! Our house was also the house where all of my Friends wanted to come and hang out. Growing up we also took my friends on vacation during the summers when school was out on vacation.

So this Actually is the day after Mother’s Day That I am writing this I was spending the day with my mother yesterday and had not had a chance to finish this. The day was spent for the most part of me cooking various Mexican dishes since that is my mother’s Favorite food… It was just 4 of us my parents my husband and I, Be quiet and nice enjoyable day with food and family.

I feel like Mother’s Day is a good time to reflect back on the kind of relationship you shared with yor Mom. As my Grandma always said you only get one Mother. As for me and my Mom, I feel very blessed to have received the Mom I got. At 85 years old I’ve been very lucky to have had her around this long, With hopefully more years to come.

So Here is to hoping all of you had a wonderful mothers day surrounded by the ones you love.

The Traveling Jeepsies

Spring Fever

I dont know about you, but There is just something about the season of Spring. New Beginnings, The Rejuvenation of life! For me It’s a plethora of A million ideas just waiting to be experienced!

Take a Journey! Go explore things & places you have always wonderd about. Maybe a hike in yor local surroundings, Pack a picnic and head to your local park that has a Summer Concert Series, Head to your local Farmers Market for some fresh Spring Fruit, and Flowers to brighten up your home!

How about taking a spur of the moment weekend trip, Or even just A-day trip if you can’t take the whole weekend. This is California people! We literally have everything at our fingertips, Simply within just a few hours in any direction you could hit the mountains, the desert, or the beach Whatever your heart’s desire.

More of a stay-at-home type? How about starting your own garden? No need to run down to the grocery store if you can grow your own tomatoes strawberries carrots lettuce you’ll be set for summer with your own produce. You’ll have plenty of summer salads just waiting for you!

How about a new hobby? Everyone to know how to make your own pottery? Maybe inspire the artist from with in? Or even take a cake decorating class at your local craft store I took one years ago and still to this day use those techniques.

Or maybe there something on that bucket lists you’ve created that you never got to srart… Hot air balloon ride, horseback riding lessons, Zip lining, Absolutely one of my favorites scratched it off my bucket list about 4 years ago And it’s something I will never forget!

Or maybe it’s just Time to get the some of those shores we never seem to find time for, For me personally, I find it completely invigorating to clean out my closet and get rid of old clothes and shoes and donate them to my nearest charity, And of course the old standard Spring cleaning not one of my favorites but something that needs to be done, Or maybe you’ve always wanted that fire pit in your backyard for those long summer nights, Set a plan and a goal anything can be accomplished if you want it enough!

For me this Summer is going to be spent having quality family time, We have camping trips planned, 4 wheeling Trips, Barbecues, Summer concerts, Faire’s, I’m excited and looking forward to everything that’s on our Summer list!

Here’s hoping your Spring & Summer goes exactly the way YOU want. No more excuses finish that bucket list or even start a bucket list. Seasons come and go far too quickly, Make the most of every moment!



The Traveling Jeepsies